894.48B/123a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Woods )

185. Following from Red Cross.

“No. 13. Answering your 75.31 Amcross contemplates relief in Japan under two heads.

  • First: Relief for American citizens to be extended through the representatives of the State Department acting in their official capacities. Expenditures for this purpose will be made from official funds and Amcross will reimburse State Department in Washington.
  • Second: As representatives of Amcross you and General McCoy be expected to ascertain from Japanese their needs, transmit such information to us and turn over to Japanese Bureau money and supplies as they arrive there.
[Page 481]

Your 75 not clear. We do not understand request for million dollar reserve. It is our hope that turning over of supplies and cash to Japanese Bureau can be accomplished by your regular staff without setting up secretariat as Amcross has given assurances that employment American personnel not be necessary in this operation. Payne. Amcross.”

  1. Not printed.