Press Release Issued by the Department of State, September 3, 1923

The President has issued the following appeal:

“To the People of the United States: An overwhelming disaster has overtaken the people of the friendly nation of Japan. While its extent has not as yet been officially reported, enough is known to justify the statement that the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama, and surrounding towns and villages, have been largely if not completely destroyed by earthquake, fire and flood, with a resultant appalling loss of life and destitution and distress, requiring measures of urgent relief. Such assistance as is within the means of the Executive Department of the Government will be rendered; but realizing the great suffering which now needs relief and will need relief for days to come, I am prompted to appeal urgently to the American people, whose sympathies have always been so comprehensive to contribute in aiding the unfortunate and in giving relief to the people of Japan.

In order that the utmost coordination and effectiveness in the administration of the relief funds be obtained I recommend that all contributions, clearly designated, be sent to the chairman of the American National Red Cross at Washington or to any of the local Red Cross chapters for transmission to Japan.”