815.00/2710: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Morales) to the Secretary of State

83. Referring to the Department’s telegram of October 10, 8 [5] p.m., number 42. The instructions contained therein were conveyed to the President. He sincerely appreciates the Department’s confidence in him in being able to assure free elections. He is also grateful for the expression made regarding his telegram of October 8th. The President’s telegram was published in Honduras on the 9th instant and he would be very pleased to have published in the United [Page 442] States and the Department has his authority to use it in any way advantageous to the ends he desires to obtain.

At the request of General Carias three commandants were removed from office today and replaced by men who will respect the President’s orders.

I firmly believe the President is sincere in desiring free elections and he will exert himself to that end from now on. The Department’s telegram of October 10, 8 [5] p.m. was extremely pleasing to him.