815.00/2706: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Morales) to the Secretary of State

81. Referring to Legation’s telegram of October 5, 2 p.m. number 80. I had an interview with the President this morning at which time I pointed out the intrigues of Lagos and others and their plans to frustrate all possibility of free elections. The President sent the following telegram this day:

“Commandants, Governors, and District Commandants: I repeat to you my order to maintain during the present election the strictest neutrality. I recommend to you to respect the freedom of suffrage by maintaining order and giving effective guarantees to all citizens. The government is interested only during the present campaign in the liberty of the people about to be expressed; and I hope that you who have served my government with loyalty and honor may so assist on this occasion here in absolute peace and supported by law that the Honduranean people may elect its chief executive. I desire to return to private life leaving for the future the absolute confidence of the people in their institutions and chief executive so that democracy may be a positive fact. Acknowledge receipt and when interpreting my sentiments in favor of the people I hope your cooperation as circumstances demand will be for the welfare of Honduras. Sincerely, R. Lopez G.”

He also issued orders to the head of the telegraph office that he was not to transmit any cipher messages signed by Lagos.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .