815.00/2624: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras ( Morales )

28. Your 63, July 11, 10 a.m., penultimate sentence first paragraph.

For your information. The Department’s No. 26, June 30, 3 p.m., sets forth the position of this Government as regards the recognition of new governments in Central America, and any modifications of the Treaty of Peace and Amity of February 7, last, made by the congresses of any of the Central American states in ratifying that Treaty would, of course, have no effect as regards the policy of the United States, which is not even a signatory of the Treaty. As clearly set forth in the Department’s telegram above mentioned, the attitude of this Government in recognizing new governments in the five Central American Republics will be consonant with the provisions of Article II of the general Treaty of Peace and Amity, as signed at Washington on February 7, 1923.