The Minister in Honduras (Morales) to the Secretary of State

No. 328

Sir: I have the honor to report as follows on the political situation in the Republic of Honduras for the period ending April 7, 1923.

As reported in the Legation’s despatch No. 318 dated March 31, 1923,1 the conference of the Presidential candidates is scheduled for Sunday, April 8th, but it is rumored that it will not take place owing to the fact that Dr. Bonilla is not pleased with the representative sent by Dr. Arias. He would prefer to have the latter attend personally.

Consistent rumors are current to the effect that Señor Miguel Paz Barahona, candidate for vice-President with General Carias, has left the north coast to come to Tegucigalpa for the purpose of persuading General Carias to withdraw in favor of either Dr. Jacinto Mesa, prominent attorney, resident of San Pedro Sula or Dr. Mariano Vasquez, former Minister for Foreign Affairs in the cabinet of President Bertrand.

I am informed that Dr. Bonilla is perfectly willing to withdraw provided the other candidates will follow his initiative. Dr. Arias is also agreeable to the plan. General Carias is the only one holding out.

The President is hopeful that the withdrawal of all candidates can be arranged and should this be accomplished there would be only one candidate left which would naturally assure peace.

By Congressional decree of April 4th, the elections for President, vice-President, members of the Supreme Court and deputies to the National Congress will be held on October 28, 1923 and the two days following that date.

I have [etc.]

Franklin E. Morales
  1. Not printed.