838.51 A/29: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru ( Poindexter )


49. Please inform Dr. Cumberland10 that his appointment as Financial Adviser and General Receiver of Customs of Haiti has [Page 395] been approved by the President. It is desired that Dr. Cumberland assume his duties in Haiti as soon as possible. Can he arrange for his release from his present position without giving the full amount of notice that his contract requires? You are authorized to use your good offices, unless you deem it inadvisable to do so, in effecting such an arrangement.

Dr. Cumberland will not find it necessary to come to Washington before proceeding to Port au Prince. As the appointment is made under the treaty, there is no contract to sign. The Department prefers to have Dr. Cumberland proceed directly to Port au Prince via Panama, in view of the extra time which would be consumed in a voyage up the east coast and the probable difficulty of reaching Haiti by that route without having to come to the United States, but if Dr. Cumberland desires to proceed by that route, the Department will not insist.

The Department wishes to be informed whether Dr. Cumberland’s contract provides that the Peruvian Government pay his salary while returning home.

  1. W. W. Cumberland, Financial Adviser and Director of Customs of Peru, also manager of the Reserve Bank of Peru.