Memorandum by Mr. Dana G. Munro of the Division of Latin American Affairs, Department of State, for the Chief of the Division (White) on the Appointment of Subordinate Haitian Officials

I discussed this matter with General Russell when he was here and he feels that it would save a considerable amount of time if he were able to make the nominations for subordinate positions in the Gendarmerie and other treaty services. At the present time these nominations involve much routine work which serves no really useful purpose. The High Commissioner submits the names to us and we submit them to the Navy for approval. After hearing from the Navy we submit the names to the President, and on receiving his approval we write again to the Navy and to the High Commissioner, who subsequently takes up the matter with the President of Haiti. In all this the Department merely transmits the High Commissioner’s recommendations without knowing anything about the men nominated and without having any practical means of finding out about them. This purely routine work imposes quite a burden on this Division, and the burden will be increased when it is necessary to transmit nominations for positions in the customs service as well.

After consulting with Mr. Baker, therefore, I have drafted the attached letter to the President asking his authorization to permit the High Commissioner to act in his name in submitting nominations to the President of Haiti.9

D[ana] G. M[unro]
  1. Attached letter not printed; the President gave his authorization Sept. 29.