838.51/1509: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

31. President Borno informed me this morning that on further consideration he finds that it would be a violation of the Constitution for him to appropriate the $10,000 for the preparation of internal tax law et cetera, there being no law covering this subject and referred me to letter of General Receiver who in the case where $1,200 [Page 386] had been carried in budget for commission to revise communal taxes had refused payment on the ground that there was no law authorizing such commission and therefore violated Constitution. President then said that funds for the necessary work desired by Mr. Hord1 could by the treaty properly be charged to 5 percent fund as expenses of Financial Adviser’s office and that he authorized such a charge at once.

  1. John S. Hord, Financial Adviser of Haiti.