868.48/414A: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol)

44. Department has received copies of telegrams from Constantinople representative of Near East Relief, from Haskell and from Julius Barnes5 describing alarming condition of approximately [Page 327] 32,000 refugees in Constantinople. Department understands that Red Cross in view of its undertakings in Greece and agreement with Near East Relief does not desire to assume responsibilities in Constantinople area while A. R. A.6 has no funds available.

Near East Relief reports that they are hardly in a position to make an additional cash appropriation for this emergency but will presumably authorize the use of any surplus available food stores.

Report briefly by telegraph on this situation indicating your views as to possible measures of relief and what assistance, if any, is being rendered by other than American relief organizations.

  1. President of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.
  2. American Relief Administration.