The Chairman of the American Red Cross ( Payne ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Phillips )

Dear Mr. Phillips: Herewith a copy of an important letter from Colonel Haskell, which you will read with interest. I call your especial attention to the last paragraph in which he advises that we cease our operations in June, and make early announcement of the fact. Prompt and earnest consideration should be given to this recommendation and a definite conclusion reached. If we do not withdraw, it is difficult to forecast a period when we may do so. If we withdraw, we may expect criticism from the churches and the Near East Relief. This would come at any time. Hence, our decision should be made firmly, having in mind the consequences, pro and con.

I will greatly appreciate your suggestions with a definite expression of your views.

Cordially yours,

John Barton Payne

The American Red Cross Commissioner for Greece ( Haskell ) to the Chairman of the American Red Cross ( Payne )

Dear Judge Payne:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It strikes me at present that we will not have to ask for an increase in the funds already allocated to this work, that is, the $3,000,000, unless it is desired to carry the assistance to these refugees beyond [Page 319] the month of June. Personally I recommend that we get out of here in June at the latest, for the simple reason that the problem is going to drag on for years and unless we make a cut-off, the difficulty of withdrawal will increase with the length of time that we remain. Although I will not make any announcement of policy prior to hearing from you on the subject, nevertheless I recommend that as soon as the decision is taken to leave Greece that it be announced at once so that plenty of time will be given to the Greek Government and all others concerned to make their arrangements accordingly. I suggest that when the time comes to make the announcement, Wilkinson, who will shortly return to the United States, would be able to assist in the preparation of a statement with a good background of protection [sic] from the standpoint of the elements out here.

Hoping that the above will give you some additional information on the situation in Greece, and with best personal regards, I am [etc.]

William N. Haskell