811.7365 W 52/27

The Secretary of State to the Italian Ambassador (Caetani)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency’s note of June 21, 1923, in which you inform me that the condition quoted in my note to you of June 9, 1923, which it is proposed to include in the license to be issued to the Western Union Telegraph Company, authorizing the company to land a cable in the United States extending to the Azores where it will connect with [Page 298] the cable of the Italian Submarine Telegraph Cable Company,96 is agreeable to your Government and to the Italian interests concerned in the enterprise. You state that your Government is confident that practical enforcement of the condition mentioned will not be undertaken without the two Governments first earnestly endeavoring to come to a friendly agreement in regard to the matter.

I am gratified that the proposed condition is agreeable to your Government and to the Italian interests concerned, and assure you that, before taking action to carry out the provisions of the condition mentioned, the Government of the United States will discuss the matter with your Excellency’s Government in an effort to adjust any question which may have arisen.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
  1. The license referred to was signed by the President, Aug. 25, 1923.