362.115St21/340: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Herrick ) to the Secretary of State

548. From Logan. L–69.

  • First. Supplementing my L–51.53 Understand tanker tribunal is giving due consideration to contents of your L–20.54 They have asked Standard’s attorneys for certain additional facts.
  • Second. Personally inclined to think that previous forecast of probable decision still continues correct. Much impressed quotation you made from Department’s 273 of February 3, 1920, to Paris Embassy as to scope of claim. However, unfortunately language paragraphs (f) and (g) several times changed between February 3 and June 7, 1920, date of final tanker agreement. It is naturally the language finally adopted which tribunal is legally interpreting. Presume you have taken note of Boyden’s B–92 of May 11 [19], 1920,55 particularly to viewpoints and purposes of Bradbury as expressed therein and his emphasis upon each pre-defining meaning of term beneficial ownership. This despatch seems to indicate a narrower construction at least on the part of Great Britain than that mentioned in Department’s 273 above.

Will advise promptly of any developments. Logan.