867.602 Ot 81/437: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Secretary of State


335. The Turkish Minister of Public Works on December 18 notified Soubhi Bey through a notary that the Chester concession had been annulled. The company’s representative on the same day [Page 1252] ordered that work at Samsoun be discontinued. There is, however, reason to think that should Clayton-Kennedy reach Angora reasonably soon with proof that he had substantial financial support the contract would be revived.80

  1. The High Commissioner at Constantinople telegraphed Mar. 10, 1925, that there was no reason to believe that the Turkish Government had changed its attitude toward the Chester concession and that practically the “concession as negotiated in 1923 is dead”. (File no. 867.602 Ot 81/462.)