867.602 Ot 81/414: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Secretary of State


269. Clayton-Kennedy arrived here from Angora yesterday and leaves today for Paris. He expects to remain there a few days in consultation with Cromwell and Farnham and then to come back here. He gives me the following information with respect to his visit at Angora.

Clayton-Kennedy accepted definitely in writing options for the Angora–Moussa-Keuy and Samsoun–Sivas lines. For all practical purposes the Turks have accepted the technical changes in the specifications and definitive agreement. The Government gives Clayton-Kennedy a choice of two following lines of action.

He can receive a few months extension by depositing 100,000 Turkish pounds, which sum can be used for the expenses of the company.
He can commence work on a small scale, as called for in the contract, within 30 days from October 9, by sending to Samsoun engineers to survey and in other ways engage in formal activity as distinguished from effective operations.

The Turkish position as given above has been stated orally and also in a somewhat indirect manner in letters from the Minister of Public Works, Feizi Bey, to Clayton-Kennedy. The latter has telegraphed to New York that he has accepted the options and choice of procedure allowed by the Turkish Government. He has recommended that the second alternative be accepted and already he has hired about half a dozen Turkish engineers who can start on short notice for Anatolia. His estimate of the cost of the second alternative program will be 10,000 Turkish pounds.…