830.00/2695: Telegram

The Commissioner in the Dominican Republic ( Welles ) to the Secretary of State

46. The Central Electoral Board, created in accordance with article 5 of the electoral law, was today constituted and its members will take the oath of office tomorrow. It is composed of the following members: President ex-officio, Justice Woss y Gil of the Supreme Court; Justice Despradel of the Court of Appeals of Santiago; Dr. Vicioso of the University of Santo Domingo.

The following are the political representatives on the Board: Dr. Arredondo [Miura] of the National Party; Dr. García Mella of the Liberal Party; and Dr. Soler of the Progressive Party.

The nonpolitical members of the Central Electoral Board are men of high standing and public opinion appears to be completely satisfied that they will carry out the duties of their office with complete impartiality. The political members selected are likewise entirely satisfactory.