The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba ( Crowder )8

My Dear General Crowder: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter (C–S–258) of February 3, regarding the political situation in Cuba, more especially as regards cabinet changes and the annulling and rescinding of public works contracts made during the last administration.

I am most gratified to receive the assurance contained in President Zayas’ letter to you of February 1, (enclosure F of your letter) that he has no intention of changing the present cabinet, but on the contrary, proposes to keep its members indefinitely in office, as convenient for the total realization of the moralizing program. It is also most gratifying to learn from your telegram (No. 9) of February 17, 12 noon,7 that the President has signed the first of the decrees nullifying the old public works contracts, and that he will sign others as rapidly as they can be prepared by the present Secretary of Public Works.

Very sincerely,

William Phillips
  1. General Crowder was appointed Ambassador on Feb. 10, the Legation having been elevated to Embassy by Act of Congress.
  2. Not printed.