The Colombian Minister (Olaya) to the Secretary of State

No. 544

Sir: The Government of Colombia has instructed this Legation to take the necessary steps for contracting for a period of not less than six months extendible should the Government so desire, [for] a group of technical financiers who would go to Colombia to give to the Government their ideas, opinions and advice in affairs of credit, especially in everything pertaining to banking organization, monetary questions and to all matters relating to foreign loans. One of the most urgent interests of the Government of Colombia and for which it desires the assistance of one of the financial experts above referred to, is the organization of the Bank of Issue, recently ordered by Act of Congress. My Government also wishes to secure the services of an expert accountant. In addition to the concrete points stated, the objectives of the Mission could extend to the organization of statistics and the study of the necessary changes in the national finance system.

My Government has given me instructions to thank Your Excellency for the good will and the cordial cooperation extended by the Department of State to me as Minister of Colombia in this matter when I had the occasion to talk it over informally with the Department. I have also been instructed to inform Y[our] E[xcellency] that my Government would greatly appreciate if the Department of State would suggest some names of qualified experts so that my Government may contract their services and appoint them for the period above referred to.

Accept [etc.]

Enrique Olaya