893.00/5108: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

264. Following telegram received from commander of Yangtze patrol dated July 23rd.

β€œOn July 17th General Chow, commanding Kweichow troops and guarding the right bank of river opposite Chungking, treacherously revolted and went over to the first army, crossed river and took Kiangpei cutting off Chungking from down river. On July 20th S.S. Alice Dollar was shot at by his troops on her way to Chungking. [Page 746]On July 21st Alice Dollar on departure was escorted by Monocacy, Lieutenant Commander Nielson, both Alice Dollar and Monocacy were shot at. Monocacy returned the [fire] with her battery. Attack on American flag wholly unjustified and unprovoked. On July 22nd Palos reported conditions normal at Chungking; General Chow Hsi-cheng has retreated to Kweichow. It would appear that Monocacy action has defeated a forcible attempt to establish an illegal blockade of the river whereby foreign community in Chungking would have been cut off.”

For the Minister: