393.1123 Coltman, Charles/42: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State


53. Your telegram no. 21 of January 31. When Coltman was shot the Military Governor was absent from Kalgan. He returned there in the ordinary course a few days later. He made a report on the affair, but two officials were sent to Kalgan by the Foreign Office for the special purpose of investigating, and the Foreign Office determined its attitude on the strength of their report at least as much as upon that of the Tutung. I had three long conferences with the entire Legation staff, including all attachés and military officers, and after careful consideration I came to the opinion that as the Tutung had always been friendly to our consul and citizens and as he was absent when the shooting occurred, a due apology from him was sufficient. Since I have received your telegram under reference I have given long and serious consideration to the question and cannot find any reasons for altering my opinion formed after such deliberation.

I feel that it would appear arbitrary and unfair to now demand that the Military Governor be more severely dealt with than was originally asked. Another consideration is that as he is a protégé of Tsao Kun [Page 725] I do not for a moment believe that we could obtain his dismissal by the present militaristic Cabinet. I also believe that to set a time limit at this juncture would serve no good purpose.