393.1123 Coltman, Charles/11: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

2. Subsequent to the receipt of the Department’s 297 December 23, 4 p.m. I sent Chinese secretary to Kalgan to make investigation and am entirely satisfied from his report and the consul’s that none of the Americans attempted to fire. After careful consideration of the terms to be imposed I have today addressed a note to the Minister for Foreign Affairs refuting contentions advanced in his note of December 2130 and demanding:

An apology from the Chinese Government for the affront to the American Government and the utter disregard of the rights and persons of American citizens in China.
An apology from the Tutung (Military Governor) to the consul. For this purpose the Tutung attended by his staff and in full state shall proceed to the consulate at a day and hour to be named by the consul who shall also prove [approve?] in advance the form and terms of the apology.
The summary dismissal from the Chinese Army of the Chief of Staff of the Military Governor, the chief adjutant and the third officer, who was present at the guard station, and the permanent exclusion of all of them from the employment in the military or civil [Page 715] service of the national or the provincial governments of China and in addition the punishment of these three officers for the unjustifiable killing of Coltman by inflicting on the principal offender and also on the abettors or accessories of the act the respective maximum penalties prescribed by law for such crimes.
Indemnity for the family of Coltman as determined by the American Government.
Cancellation (of) prohibition of transportation of currency by American merchants as authorized by treaty and removal of all obstacles to the exercise of this right.
Acknowledgment of the right of the American Government to present claims for damages suffered by American merchants in consequence of the interruptions of their business.

[Paraphrase.] With respect to demand number 2 I wish to inform the Department that when Coltman was shot the Tutung was absent from Kalgan attending a birthday celebration at Paotingfu in honor of Tsao Kun who at present dominates the Chinese Government at Peking. [End paraphrase.]

  1. Not printed; see telegram no. 502, Dec. 22, from the Minister in China, p. 713.