The Secretary of State to the Italian Ambassador (Caetani)

Excellency: In further reply to Your Excellency’s Note of June 22, 1923, communicating a formal invitation from the Government of Italy to the Government of the United States to be represented at an International Emigration and Immigration Conference, to take place in Rome within the first months of the coming year,83 I have [Page 121] the honor to advise you that the American Delegation will consist of the following members:

  • Mr. Edward J. Henning, Assistant Secretary of Labor;
  • Mr. Walter W. Husband, Commissioner General of Immigration;
  • Mr. Homer M. Byington, American Consul General, Naples, Italy;
  • Surgeon General Hugh S. Cumming, United States Public Health Service.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
  1. The proceedings of the conference, which was held May 15–31, 1924, were printed in English and Italian by the Italian Government.