The Italian Ambassador (Caetani) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary of State: With reference to the conversations that I have had the honor to hold with Your Excellency on the subject, and referring also to the Memorandum which the Department of State has directed to me under date May 10th, I have the honor to communicate to Your Excellency the formal invitation that the Government of Italy extends to the Government of the United States to be represented to an International Emigration and Immigration Conference, which is to take place in Rome on a date later to be determined, within the first months of the coming year.

I have already had the occasion to explain to Your Excellency the aims of the proposed Conference which—as it appears from the enclosed program—is intended to be of an eminently technical nature.

On the other hand, I have not failed to communicate to my Government the reserves contained in the above mentioned Memorandum, due note of which has been taken.

The Italian Government has been particularly gratified by the adhesion that the American Government has in general granted to the contemplated Conference. And as all other Governments previously approached, have equally manifested themselves favorable to the initiative, I now have the honor, in conformity with His Excellency Mussolini’s instructions, to ask Your Excellency to be so kind as to confirm to me the participation of the Federal Government to the Conference in question, and to communicate to me, as soon as possible, the names of the members of the American Delegation.

Thanking in advance, I have [etc.]