393.1123 Lincheng/37: Telegram

The Counselor of Legation at Peking (Bell) to the Secretary of State

151. As a result of decision taken by diplomatic body this afternoon, I have sent the following telegram to Consul Davis at Lincheng:

“Chinese Government have agreed to a joint inquiry into the Lincheng outrages on the spot by delegates of different government departments and the foreign consular representatives. You and Philoon should take part in this inquiry which will have for its object to ascertain the circumstances attending the outrage, whether or not there was collusion between the train crew and the brigands and to fix responsibility of the civil and military authorities.

Foreign Office representative on this commission, Thomas King, left this morning for Lincheng. British consul general at Tsinanfu and French and Italian consular officers are receiving similar instructions.”

Schurman [Bell]