393.1123 Lincheng/24: Telegram

The Counselor of Legation at Peking (Bell) to the Secretary of State

145. My 140, May 8, 5 p.m. At interview this afternoon between Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs and Counselor of this Legation, former stated that Ministry of Communications had sent supplies of food and clothing which its representatives were attempting to send to the captives through the agency of the natives of the place. He confirmed that Chinese Government would desist from measures against bandits and substitute pacific means which would insure liberation of captives without injury to themselves. He believed but was not certain that negotiations with bandits have begun.

Presidential mandate which appeared to-day orders investigation with a view to the punishment of Civil and Military Governors of Shantung and suspension, pending investigation, of all civil and military officials at the place of the outrage.

My 138, May 9 [7], noon [midnight]75. French Minister took up the matter on 8th with Tsao Kun who expressed great anxiety and at once despatched a representative to the scene of the atrocity.

Schurman [Bell]
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