793.003 C 73/42: Telegram

The Minister in China ( Schurman ) to the Secretary of State

181. Your number 82, May 11, 3 p.m.61 Identic telegram sent as follows:

“The Chinese Government having requested that the Commission on Extraterritoriality should meet on November 1, 1923, the representatives of the signatory powers of the treaties of Washington have the honor to inform their Governments that, in view of existing conditions in China, they are of the opinion that the meeting of this Commission should be once more postponed and not convened until they can recommend its assembly.”

This was unanimously adopted by my colleagues at informal conference 24th. I explained, however, that I could not commit myself without instructions from my Government. The telegram would, in my opinion, be endorsed by every member of the diplomatic body.

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I share the sentiment expressed with respect to postponement of meeting of Commission from the Chinese point of view, but I thought it possible that you might consider meeting desirable to complete work of Washington Conference. Both British Minister and I opposed a resolution favored by all the others recommending postponement of special surtax conference on the ground that our Governments were in favor of holding it. French Minister stated confidentially that he had learned from private sources that the Washington treaties, though now holding a favorable [place] on the agenda, could not be ratified by French Parliament unless a special personal effort should be made on their behalf by Poincaré.

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