The Chargé in Norway (Bailey) to the Secretary of State

No. 223

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s instruction No. 72, dated December 11th last,38 regarding a proposed agreement to restrain the subjects and citizens of certain countries from exporting to or importing into China arms and munitions of war and material destined exclusively for their manufacture until the establishment of a government whose authority is recognized throughout the whole country and also to prohibit during the above period the delivery of arms and munitions for which contracts have already been made but not executed.

A note dated January 12, 1923, was sent to the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs embodying the proposals set forth in the Department’s instruction. A reply thereto dated April 19, 1923 has been received stating that the Norwegian Minister in Pekin may be able to participate in the discussions on the matter, but that the Norwegian Government, by reason of the present laws and regulations on the subject, is not in a position to give him any authorization in advance which might commit the Norwegian Government to any definite course of action. He further states that it seems to be unnecessary for Norway to take such measures in this matter, as an embargo is already in force prohibiting the exportation of arms and munitions from Norway to China, and that during the period this embargo has been in force no export permit has been granted for the exportation of arms and munitions to China.

I have [etc.]

James G. Bailey
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