511.4 A 1/1664: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland ( Grew )

74. Your 80, September 20, noon.63

[Page 94]

You are requested to notify the Secretariat-General of the League of Nations in the sense of the following and referring to his communication addressed to the Secretary of State dated October 14, 1922.

“The Government of the United States being desirous of cooperating in a work which has for its object the suppression of the Traffic in habit-forming drugs is pleased to inform the Secretariat-General of the League of Nations that Dr. Rupert Blue, former Surgeon-General of the United States Public Health Service, has been selected to cooperate in an unofficial and consultative capacity with the Advisory Committee on Traffic in Opium, the next meeting of which it is understood will take place in the first fortnight of January.”

Formal reply64 is being mailed you for transmission. Inform Department of exact date of meeting.

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