President Harding to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: Replying to yours of June 16th, referring to the interview between Under Secretary Phillips and Mr. Alexander Johnston, Canadian Deputy Minister of Marine, in regard to the Convention with Canada covering the halibut fisheries, I have already suggested to you in a personal interview that I thought it desirable to withhold the submission of the Treaty carrying the Senate reservations, for ratification. I would be glad to resubmit the Treaty to the Senate and ask for its ratification without reservation. I am hoping that this may be accomplished by paving the way in advance of the submission. This much may be said to Mr. Johnston in perfect good faith. Of course, it is never possible for the Executive to give absolute assurance concerning the action of the Senate.

It will be wholly agreeable to me to have you say further that in case of the Senate’s failure to ratify I will be very glad to recommend to the Congress protective legislation, such as has been given consideration by the Canadian Government. The advance enactment by the Canadian Parliament would doubtless expedite congressional enactment here. I can not help believing, however, that the Senate may be brought to realise the desirability of sanctioning the Treaty negotiated with Canada, without reservation.

Very truly yours,

Warren G. Harding