The Peruvian Ambassador ( Pezet ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honour to furnish herein, for the records of the Department of State, the names of the personnel composing the Commission appointed by my Government for the presentation of the Peruvian case to the President of the United States, in the arbitration proceedings between Peru and Chile.

  • Doctor Meliton F. Porras, President,
  • Doctor Solon Polo, Peruvian Counsel,
  • Edwin M. Borchard, American Counsel,
  • Doctor Juan Mendoza, attached to the Commission,
  • Gonzalo N. de Ar├ímburu, attached to the Commission.
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Mr. Mendoza, Second Secretary of the Legation in London, and Mr. de Aramburu, Second Secretary of the Legation in Berlin, have been specially attached to the Commission. All the above-mentioned Peruvian gentlemen have been accorded diplomatic status by my Government, and while not appearing in the Diplomatic List, I would beg that the Department recognize them as being here on an official diplomatic mission of my Government.

Accept [etc.]

F. A. Pezet