721.2315/109: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Poindexter)


36. On July 5 the President of Colombia wrote a personal letter to President Harding which the Department has just received46 and in which President Nel Ospina states that the treaty signed March 24, 1922, between Colombia and Peru46a was to be submitted simultaneously to the Congress of each country for approval and that the session of the Colombian Congress had on one occasion been prorogued so as to permit an opportunity for its submission should Peruvian Government do likewise. Up to this time Peru has been unwilling to submit treaty to Peruvian Congress. President Nel Ospina has asked the President’s good offices in the matter.

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Are there at present acute issues before Peruvian Congress which would make it more advisable to delay action for the time being? If there are not, the Department leaves it to your discretion, should a favorable opportunity present itself, to call the attention of President Leguía orally, unofficially and in a friendly manner to the mutual advantages of terminating this long-standing controversy, and to inform him that the Government of the United States would be highly gratified if he could arrange for submission of the treaty to the Peruvian Congress. You may also state that this Government understands that submission of the treaty in question will be entirely satisfactory to and highly appreciated by the Government of Colombia, which is ready to reciprocate at any time. Please report promptly any developments which take place in matter.

  1. Not printed.
  2. League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. 74, p. 9.