710.E/132: Telegram

The Chargé in Peru (Sterling) to the Secretary of State

87. In reply to telegram from Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs notifying Peruvian Government of the transmission on December 13th of formal invitation to Peru to be represented at Pan American Conference and that program of the conference would be forwarded by Director of Pan American Union, the Minister for Foreign Affairs has telegraphed courteous acknowledgement and stated that “my Government will give serious attention to the note and announced program and in accordance with its accustomed readiness to collaborate in work for continental peace, as evidenced by the diplomatic acts recently celebrated, entertains hope that the participation of Peru in the conference will not be prevented because of the maintenance of the measures of force now being used by authorities of Tacna, Arica and Tarata against the Peruvian population in these Provinces”. Latter refers to alleged recrudescence of Chilean activities reported to Minister for Foreign Affairs by his agents, see Embassy’s despatch number 915, December 11th.17

Today Prensa, in editorial inspired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, said [when] invitation and program arrive and if aforementioned persecutions suspended, Peru will be able to decide whether representation in or abstention from conference preferable.

  1. Not printed.