800.51 W 89 Lithuania/14

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (Coleman)

No. 78

Sir: With reference to your despatch No. 1275 of September 15, 1923, regarding the indebtedness of Lithuania to the United States and the opinions of Dr. Narushkevich reported therein, you are instructed to take the first suitable opportunity to inform Dr. Narushkevich, or the appropriate official of the Lithuanian Government, that the Government of the United States is not aware of any understanding with the Lithuanian Government that repayment of Lithuania’s indebtedness to the United States would not be asked until Lithuania had received its reparation payments.

In accordance with your request a photostat copy of each of the four obligations of the Government of Lithuania held by the United States Treasury is enclosed.8 These obligations are as follows:

Date of obligation Principal sum
June 28, 1919, $4,159,491.96
June 30, 306,433.00
June 30, 84,536.07
June 30, 431,167.00
Total: $4,981,628.03

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Leland Harrison
  1. Not reproduced.