867.602 Ot 81/211: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople ( Bristol ) to the Secretary of State

242. Please transmit following to Goethals, 40 Wall Street, New York.

“Have concluded agreement with Government on greatly improved terms and to date from 1909. Parliament ready to ratify immediately we comply with law which requires deposit in bank known here to guarantee that we make scientific investigations. After two years work we have option of giving results investigations to Government and getting money back from bank holding guarantee or of continuing with construction. In original negotiations amount was $88,000 but amount reduced for us to 50,000 pounds Turkish equals about $30,000. Deposit money or securities Guaranty Trust New York, have them telegraph agent here authority sign letter which I will present outlining about [above?] terms. Owing to political conditions absolutely necessary act immediately after this maintain the present unparalleled position with Government. Also have other very valuable construction contracts, orders for goods and mines concessions which other countries trying to get on terms most favorable to Government. I have borrowed 50,000 pounds for a few days to retain undisputed title but very necessary act immediately there. Calloway and others will assist to minimize delay. Advise buying pounds Turkish as likely rise. Telegram [telegraph?] immediately on receipt of this how long I will have to wait even hours are precious. Clayken.”46

  1. i. e., Clayton-Kennedy.