867.602 Ot 81/213: telegram

The Office of Naval Intelligence, Navy Department, to the Naval Station at Constantinople 45

1602. Your 0031–1800. Following sent with approval General Goethals. Referring cablegram September eleventh to Goethals and Barnard, Major Kennedy has no authority to act on Chester Project. He is proceeding under false pretense and is repudiated by Goethals and all other purported stockholders found.

It is believed Abdul Hamid heirs’ claim is wildcat scheme concocted in England to antagonize American claim.

Ottoman Company will be organized on legal basis and Arthur Chester only authorized to represent it in Turkey. Tell Chester have nothing to do with Kennedy. Signed Chester. 1535.

  1. Copy received in the Department of State as enclosure to letter of Oct. 10, from the Navy Department.