The Secretary of State to Bishop James Cannon, Jr., of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Dear Bishop Cannon: Allow me to acknowledge, in somewhat greater detail than was possible at the moment of the call you were good enough to pay me on July 10th, the letter which you then, handed me on behalf of the Committee on Temperance and Social Service of the United Methodist Episcopal Church, South,14 laying before the Department a resolution adopted on July 8th by your Committee,15 with regard to the Christians of the Near East.

I am fully aware that the situation of the Christian minorities in Turkey has enlisted to a marked degree the sympathies of the American people. Recent response to this sentiment was made by this Government, in signifying its readiness to participate in an international inquiry in Asia Minor.

But deeply sensible of the humanitarian interests which are involved, I am unable to conclude that I should be justified in taking action which would involve us in military operations or in the assumption of responsibilities which could not be met except by an attempt at a forcible pacification of the Near East. I may add that the Department is following carefully developments in Turkey and sincerely desires to be of service in any practicable way.

I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
  1. Not printed.
  2. See letter of July 24, 1922, from the Secretary of State to President Harding, p. 931.