861a.01/204: Telegram

The Consul at Vladivostok ( Macgowan ) to the Secretary of State

12. Embassy informed. Spiridon Merculoff has resigned as President of the Provisional Government. Successor is Yeremeiff, Mayor of Vladivostok.70 Immediate cause was the growing dissatisfaction [Page 848] with the President’s dictatorial ways though total bankruptcy of the Government and the retreat of the Army contributed. Failure of the Army is due to lack of funds and ammunition and excessive losses from frostbite.

Situation unstable and there is talk about military dictatorship under General Verschbitsky,71 commanding the Army. Japanese authorities watchful and doubtless they will shape the final result.

  1. After a few days the status quo under Merkulov was restored.
  2. Leader of the Kappel troops.