861a.01/201: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State


35. Thomas telegraphs as follows from Chita February 27, 5 p.m.:

“I have been requested by the Minister for Foreign Affairs to transmit the following information to my government:

Information has been received by the Government of the Far Eastern Republic that, on evacuating Vladivostok, the counter-revolutionary groups in the Maritime Province intend to take property of the Far Eastern Republic, including ships in the port of Vladivostok, with them.

Chita government is unable, due to presence of Japanese troops, to prevent forcibly this robbery of national possessions, and if American representatives in Vladivostok could, until power of Far Eastern Republic is established in that city, prevent taking away of property in question, Chita government would be very grateful for friendliness of America.

I have been informed likewise by Chita government that, to keep order in that city, consular corps in Vladivostok wishes to arm Russian counter-revolutionary groups. The arming of groups fighting against it is considered by the Government of the Far Eastern Republic as a hostile act, and it wishes to point out that the establishment of order and lawful government can only be hindered and delayed by the arming of such groups.

It is hoped by the Government of the Far Eastern Republic that measures to prevent such arming of groups hostile to the Far Eastern Republic will be taken by the United States Government and its representative in Vladivostok. Thomas.”

The above has been received from Chita and is transmitted without comment. Will ascertain if in Vladivostok there are any new developments which require instructions to Macgowan if desired.