861.50 Am 3/25

The Secretary of Commerce ( Hoover ) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: Now that the Hague Conference is over I am wondering if you are inclined to favor the idea of sending a strong, technical mission to Russia to study the economic situation.

Aside from a determination of the realities of the situation in an authoritative way there is the side issue of relief next year. A report by an independent commission on the pertinent facts as to relief [Page 826] needs and resources is highly important upon which to base public activities. If the report of such a commission outlines the continued necessity for relief it furnishes a substantial background for the necessary appeal to the American people—and if not it will silence the wrongful appeals.

I recognize that the above functions are indeed secondary to the primary question of determining what purpose America can serve in the broad, economic regeneration of Russia at this or any subsequent time.

Yours faithfully,

Herbert Hoover