550.E1 Russia/60: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium ( Fletcher ) to the Secretary of State

47. Subject: The Hague Conference on Russia.

Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me that the Belgian delegation is endeavoring to have inserted in the final report of the Hague Conference a clause by virtue of which the different governments will undertake not to support their nationals in negotiations which the latter may undertake with the Soviet Government with a view to obtaining concessions which may include property of which the nationals [of] another country may have been despoiled. The Belgian delegate has received the support of French, Dutch and Italian delegates. The British delegate however without answering categorically has stated that he hesitates to subscribe to this engagement in [Page 822] view of the fact that the United States and Germany are not represented at the conference.

Mr. Jaspar43 further stated that it is very desirable not to lose at The Hague part of the ground gained at Genoa; that the Belgian Government has taken the initiative of proposing the insertion in a general report of a clause to the above effect; that it seems that Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, the English delegate, hesitates to subscribe to it because the Government of the United States is not included in this agreement; that this relates to an agreement the consummation of which is of general interest and the importance of which he believes would not be overlooked by our Government.

Minister of Foreign Affairs also said he hoped that this engagement would be incorporated in the general report of the delegates at the final plenary session, which would take place next Wednesday or at latest Friday, and that the Belgian Government, which had taken the initiative in this matter, would be very happy if the Government of the United States could see its way to support it, if only unofficially, through its Ambassador London.

Mr. Jaspar concluded by saying that he hoped that, as Belgium has defended in these negotiations principles identical with those of the United States, that the American Government will support him in this instance as requested. He would appreciate an early response.

  1. Henri Jaspar, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs.