550.E1 Russia/7a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy (Child)

12. French Ambassador advising me of instructions received from Poincaré indicates apparent divergence of view between Poincaré [Page 809] and Barthou. French Ambassador May 13th communicated Poincaré’s proposal substantially identical with your 50, May 14, 1 a.m. and later further communication from Poincaré explaining attitude as to expert inquiry substantially like that of this Government. In interview with French Ambassador evening May 15th it appeared that he had not received advices of last proposal according to your 54, May 15th, 2 a.m., and he stated that French declaration in Genoa that they would recommend their government to adhere to the decision would seem to indicate grave difference with Poincaré.

What is your view as to this?