The Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs, Department of State (Hanna) to the Acting Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs (White)

Dear Mr. White: Mr. Padro, Cuban Chargé d’Affaires, called this afternoon and inquired concerning the article regarding American-Mexican relations which appeared in the Washington Post yesterday. He stated that he made his inquiry in response to instructions from his Government and added that the policy of his Government with respect to the recognition of Mexico is the same as that of the United States.

I told him I presumed that he is familiar with the policy of the United States with respect to the recognition of Mexico and that there has been no material change therein. He then inquired if we would inform him or his Government in the event that there should be any change in our policy, and I assured him that he or his Government would be so informed.

I told him that it is reported in Mexico that Cuba has selected a Minister for that country and will recognize Mexico in the very near future. He said that so far as he knows the report is not correct.

M[atthew] E. H[anna]