838.51/1235: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell) to the Secretary of State

30. Last night had frank conversation with President [of] Haiti who assured me that I would meet only with cooperation from his [Page 484] Government which was desirous doing all possible to advance conditions here working in entire accord with United States Government.

Ministers of Finance and Foreign Relations state that the Government is now anxious to put through the loan and necessary new revenue laws.

Under Department’s orders, since January last [1921?], $65,000 per month is available to meet any monthly deficit. Since September 30th entire amount of $65,000 has only been required 1 month. Receipts of Government are greatest during first 3 months of fiscal year and then shade off for month of March. Government may be unable to meet budgetary expenses and desires to employ any unused portion of the $65,000 made available monthly. Present administration expires in 2 months and it would like to be assured of the payments of the budgetary expenses for these 2 months.

In view of attitude of Government at present time I strongly urge such assurance be given it by permitting the employment of above-mentioned unused funds if necessary.