711.38/168: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell) to the Secretary of State

27. On Monday, 13th, presented my credentials to President of Haiti.20 Received by President with ceremony and in reply to short address by me he announced desire of his Government to work in complete accord with United States.

Tuesday, 14th, had lengthy private interview regarding necessity for immediate loan.

As result of interview yesterday President sent his Ministers of Foreign Relations and Finance to Legation this morning and we had lengthy and frank discussion of loan.

Minister of Finance desired to call for new bids stating believed now could obtain better conditions. I objected and requested that Lee, Higginson bid, which was submitted [in] good faith and for which Haitian Government had shown preference, be accepted at once.

Minister of Finance then requested two changes: First, that funds on deposit at end of receivership be returned to control of Haitian Government; second, that Haitian Government maintain control over internal revenue hiring experts under contract to assist it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Both requests were frankly discussed from all angles. I deem it advisable to accede to first request as receivership can be extended if necessary. Second request I flatly refused to accede to and spoke very frankly on the subject and I believe both Ministers were much impressed.

They left greatly pleased with interview and stating that they would report to the Council tomorrow and meet me again at Legation, Friday afternoon.

Urgently request that loan law be forwarded at once and that I be notified probable date arrival.

  1. For General Russell’s appointment, see p. 461.