767.68/302: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Acting Secretary of State

173. Smyrna occupied by Mustafa Kemal. Constantinople comparatively tranquil and Allied authorities apparently have situation well in hand. Some minor disorders last night due to intense enthusiasm and excitement local population.

Following from Near East Relief and Red Cross representatives at Smyrna repeated for the Department’s information.

“Refugees estimated at 150,000 at present about 20 percent need sporadic assistance. Expected in week food supply will be desperate [Page 419] as all food supplies reach city by sea. As imports have ceased, unless immediately reopened, entire population of 700,000 face starvation. All necessary supplies here except food, therefore flour and milk will be most needed. No other relief work under way contemplated except American committees. Greeks did not burn their supplies but threw them open to population; these stores therefore [dissipated?]. No evacuation of refugees by Greek Government, therefore only those able to secure commercial passage have left. Have conferred with General Murcelle Pasha, senior Turkish officer present, who welcomes our relief offers and promises assist and he states within 2 days city will be fully occupied and patrolled by sufficient troops to allow imports without risk. Signed Davis and Jaquith.”