767.68/297: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Acting Secretary of State

171. Smyrna situation most alarming. Greek troops in panic and pouring into city. Population fears violence between time Greek troops ordered to evacuate and temporary arrangements of Turks. Repeated threats by Greek officers to burn town. Aidin and Nazilli already burned. On September 6th American, English, French and Italians consuls telegraphed Greek Minister of War, Theotokis, asking for assurances Smyrna would not be burned or pillaged. Theotokis replied he could give no such assurances. Greek fleet left Smyrna Friday afternoon. Greek administration of city ceased 10 o’clock p.m. Friday and Allies took over city. Allied consuls will meet Mustafa Kemal at Kasaba to-day to arrange for surrender of Smyrna. Greek High Commissioner Sterghiades taken on board Iron Duke. Greek general headquarters withdrawn to Chesme, opposite island of Chios. British withdrawing women and children. Three United States destroyers now at Smyrna. My chief of staff, Captain Hepburn, in charge. Reports from Mudania indicate possibility Brousse burning and Greek evacuation being extremely likely.

Request copy of this cable be given immediately Military Intelligence, War Department.