462.00 R 294/55: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Herrick ) to the Secretary of State

139. Your 90, March 20, 2 p.m. I have just received a note, dated yesterday, from the Foreign Office stating French Government never had intention of contesting the right of the United States to be as completely reimbursed for their army costs as the other Governments with troops on the Rhine; that French Government is persuaded that easy and quick agreement can be come to between the Allied Governments and the United States on this question and that it is consulting the Belgian, British and Italian Governments. Monsieur Poincaré adds that he wishes to inform our Government how much the French Government appreciated the cooperation of the American troops with the Allied troops on the Rhine; that French Government greatly regrets that our Government should have taken the decision to withdraw its troops; that presence while recalling the common sacrifices could only contribute to affirm in the eyes of the entire world the essentially peaceful character of the occupation of the Rhenish territories. It is in the same peaceful spirit without any idea of domination that the Allied troops after as before the departure of the American troops will continue the occupation which has no other aim than to guarantee the execution of the terms of the peace treaty.