462.00 R 294/49c: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Herrick )57

92. You are instructed to communicate the following note textually to the Government to which you are accredited and repeat to Embassies at London, Brussels and Rome for similar action as Department’s instruction No. 80, 16 and 31 respectively:

“In its note of March 22, 1922, the Government of the United States stated that according to the information and accounts in the possession of the Allied Governments, it appeared that the amount due to France for its Army costs to May 1, 1921, had been paid in full, chiefly through deliveries of property.

The Government of the United States is now informed that it is proposed to postpone the debit to France for the value of the Saar mines as though delivery were made in kind during the year 1922. This Government does not deem it to be necessary at this time to enter into questions relating to debits or credits in the account or to consider the effect of the postponement of the debit for the value of the Saar mines, and all questions of this character are fully reserved. It is deemed to be sufficient to say that it is the view of the [Page 225] Government of the United States that the question whether or not there would be a deficit in the French account for Army costs as of May 1, 1921, upon a final agreed statement of that account, is a matter which does not affect the position of this Government with respect to its right to receive the payment of the actual cost of its Army of Occupation upon an equal footing with the Allied Powers.”

  1. The same to the Ambassador in Japan, without instructions to repeat (file no. 462.00 R 294/19b).