493.11 Shelton, Dr. A. L.: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

110. Legation’s 100, March 13, 6 p.m.28 Foreign Office preliminary reply summarized:

“Commander in Chief military forces Szechuan and Szechuan frontier and commissioner report by telegraph as follows:

‘Frontier region Szechuan disturbed; travel therein by foreigners has been suspended. These facts formerly communicated to foreign consuls Chengtu. Shelton desired proceed Chiangchia. Declined to follow advice of local authorities against the journey as he stated he was armed and was not apprehensive. District magistrate Paan Hsien sent four policemen with him.

After starting on journey February 15th native chieftain at Chiangchia sent word to him not to proceed. Shelton therefore started back 16th suddenly fiercely attacked by some scores native brigands with guns at Paimokou Valley. Escort returned attack but were wounded. [Garbled groups] few unable to resist. Shelton wounded back, abdomen, head. Military headquarters Paan Hsien sent escort soldiers, brought him there for medical attention, however, finally died 17th. Body encoffined with the help of missionaries there. Shelton in Batang many years. Relations with military and civilians most cordial friendship. Death cause of deep regret commiseration. Troops sent to locality to offer rewards and take most stringent measures apprehension of murderers for punishment.’

Foreign Office urging upon commissioner extreme importance of capturing punishing culprits and offering adequate protection to other foreigners there.”

  1. Not printed.