493.11 Shelton, Dr. A. L.: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

28. Following telegram has been received from consul [at] Chungking:

“Following telegram has been received from American missionary at Batang: ‘Robbers killed Doctor A. L. Shelton25 near Batang. I have asked local government to investigate at once. Department’s registration number 16539.’”

Telegram dated 2d, signed Hardy26 [apparent omission] left Yunnan Province states Doctor Shelton killed February 17th at Sasweisan. Have informed Foreign Office today requesting it to take immediately all possible measures to ascertain circumstances of this reported crime and to apprehend and bring to trial guilty parties. Shall reserve representations particularly on the basis of Department [diplomatic corps’?] note to Foreign Office of August 30th, 1921,27 regarding possible failure of provincial authorities to [Page 861]afford proper protection to foreign residents until facts and delinquencies of local officials are more clearly ascertained. British consul, Yunnan; representative, Andersen, Meyer, Yunnan; and American consulate, Chungking, have been requested to furnish all possible assistance. Will keep Department advised.

  1. American missionary of the Tibetan Christian Mission, Batang, Szechuan Province.
  2. Dr. William M. Hardy, colleague of Dr. Shelton.
  3. See despatch no. 45, Sept. 29, 1921, from the Minister in China, Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. i, p. 516.